The why

We are only as strong as the weakest member of our community. We believe in empowering the youth with education, resources, advocacy, and love so that they can lift our community up and make it stronger. We win when they win. We are here to redefine the hood, and nothing is going to stop us.

Mission Statement

We are here to end all negative stereotypes from South Auckland,
Ps: “Love kills stereotypes”

Our approach & vision

Our mission is simple. Empower the future leaders of our community.

There are individuals who grew up thinking that they won’t amount much because of where they came from and their background. We think differently. There is strength in our past and we celebrate the unique traits that each person brings.

We empower all the talent in South Auckland to see their true potential, dream higher, and achieve success whatever that looks like to them.

As Dr. Seuss puts it, “You can’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree” but give that fish an ocean and watch it swim past the horizon. 

2023 Project action plan


— Project 1 - kids Hoodie Run - April 18

Hoodie Run – A more systematic approach will be taken where local personalities/champions will hand-deliver each hoodie, the power behind this approach is two folds, the conversations that happen between the youth and our champions and the feeling youth get when they wear our branded jerseys.

This approach will mean we can cover more ground and reach more youth than before, increasing our capacity to deliver impact this way.

This activation creates belonging by ensuring youth feel they have a positive outlet and community beyond their immediate home environment & suburb.


— Project 2 - Ultra Marathon - OCT 15 2023

To our knowledge South Auckland has not organized a professional event such as an Ultra Marathon, there are many fun runs that happen which adds value to our community, however, 

our approach is to redefine South Auckland from an obesogenic environment by co-designing & facilitating South Auckland as a place for Ultra Marathons by 2030.

This will directly mitigate stereotypes about our community being unhealthy.

For us to nail this goal, we need more youth to lead the future design & delivery of this event, engaging our schools and youth centres.


— Project 3 - Impact & storytelling workshop - Ongoing

Film & Storytelling Impact Workshops this thread needs to be co-designed further with young people. From our previous experience, we discovered young people struggle to start because they don’t know where to start.

There is potential to connect and empower young people who come into our workshops to broader initiatives organised by many South

Auckland impact enterprises. This is where we feel there is power in collective impact.

When and how will you measure these changes?

A documentary approach will be taken to measure our progress and impact. We will produce case studies as part of the documentary. We will work with a journalist to implement our evaluation plan. 

We feel this is one of the best ways to capture stories and measure impact without our community feeling researched. 

This also helps us share our film to generate community awareness and improve future engagement. The evaluation plan will be drafted by a senior experimental scientist. 

Ongoing wImpact action plan


— Phase 1

The first step is to inspire people. Be a wolf is a mindset to inspire people, so that the people can change the system together in South Auckland.  Change the so called “hood” from something negative to something positive…

How might we nurture a growth mindset in South Auckland?

  • Tip of the day video everyday
  • Daily quote
  • Profile wolves making change in our community
  • Encourage current wolves family to tag family members and kids.


— Phase 2

The next step is working closely with South Auckland schools and youth to build better platforms to help kids get ready for the real world, eg: help with CV’s, cover letters and doing better “self branding” sessions that provides confidence to them to really chase theirs dreams and ambitions.

How might increase confidence of young wolves?

  • Engage school students and youths in practical career building strategies
  • Cover letters, CV’s, Industry insights, Proven Case Studies, Connect them to Business mentors
  • Self branding sessions that provides confidence in them to really chase their dreams  and ambition

— Phase 3

Lastly, keep sharing untold positives stories out of south Auckland from people of all cultures and backgrounds. This is a long game but if we all work as one family. we believe the change is possible for future  generations to come via BE A WOLF – sessions

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